Downregulating Yoga (Restorative, Yin, Meditation & Breath practices)

Join Erin for a one-on-one holistically guided and supported practice series. Commit to three months of once a week private sessions in the comfort of your own home or in nature. These are 1 hour sessions with Erin Keir where you will be inspired by a customized yoga series, specifically designed for you!!

This offering is for all who would like to open to greater calm, inner peace, presence, grounding, clarity and stimulate their parasympathetic nervous system to a place of ease, rather than feeling stuck in a flight, fight, and freeze response. Downregulating is a word we use when supporting our wise nervous systems back into regulation after times of stress. This yoga series will specifically support you to return to balance and increase your resilience to stay in peace.

For this Therapeutic series, you may make monthly payments of $555 per month or pay in full for the three months for $1555.00

Downregulating Yoga will offer you:

  • Breathing techniques to encourage relaxation
  • Grounding and present moment awareness
  • Meditation practices to slow down
  • Support to release limiting thoughts or destructive patterns
  • A sense of inner peace & tranquility
  • Restorative/yin floor postures
  • Visualization methods
  • Supportive guidance
  • A safe space to unravel and release physically, emotionally & mentally
  • Downregulating yoga will increase an overall balanced state of being