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Registered Yoga Teacher, Energetic Healer and Intuitive Goddess
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Erin’s Offerings

“I love how you think outside the box by changing sequences and breaking down poses. You are my first yoga teacher and there is so much more to learn from you.”
~ Petula Hsu

“You make physically pushing our limits fun lol.
I always leave your class feeling like I’ve pushed myself just little bit more out of my comfort zone.”
~ Melanie Vincent

“Bright, Beautiful, Vibrant Soul, you can see and even feel it!!!
Erin’s a Natural Born Teacher; she’s right in her element when teaching. The class seems to flow right through her. Each class of Erin’s is healing, comforting, and truly Priceless*. Her students are all so lucky.”
~ Maddie-Joe Anderson

“Best Giggle. You challenge your students – your classes are always different and you take the time to ensure proper technique. My favourite thing is how you bravely share your personal experiences/stories and relate it back to the class.”
~ Laurie Cooper