Goddess Shakti Awakening

Goddess Shakti Awakening is Erin’s most transformative program, specifically designed for women to come back into their true power and embrace their lives fully. This is a 3 month, once a week transformational, one-on-one journey with Erin to reclaim and ignite your Feminine Shakti Power.

Join Erin for Goddess Shakti Awakening and open to a journey of expansion where you are expertly led to move through old limiting beliefs and barriers, explore and transform with yogic and energetic practices, be uplifted by intuitive guidance, elements of nature, compassionate space holding and transform further with powerful breath methods. Through this Shakti Awakening journey, you will increase your capacity to wake up to your potential feminine joy and live in your fullest state of bliss.

This transformational offering is uniquely designed and customized to your individual needs as a woman awakening in the world and desiring more out of her experience, including deep self love and joy! This three month Awakening is only $1555.00 when paid in full, or available for a monthly sacred investment of $555.00 per month x 3.

This is for women who are:

  • Putting others before themselves and their own needs
  • Are doing so much for everyone else and have no time for themselves
  • Experience low energy and are feeling drained/exhausted
  • Are stuck, overwhelmed or numb
  • Have low self esteem and confidence issues
  • Desire to let go of approval of others & be more authentic
  • Long for more intimacy and connection
  • Have forgotten what pleasure feels like
  • Are experiencing a low sex drive
  • Want to feel more joy
  • Crave support on their spiritual path
  • Yearn to connect more deeply with themselves & their feminine energy

Embarking on this journey will support you to:

  • Develop an accessible daily practice to awaken & reclaim your Divine Feminine Power
  • Allow you to feel a greater sense of worthiness, vulnerability, self trust, self love & courage
  • Provide you with a weekly commitment of support and loving guidance
  • Uplift you to breakthrough to a greater sense of freedom in self
  • Encourage you to rediscover and increase your capacity for deep joy
  • Release the past & old disserving patterns/beliefs
  • Get out of your head & into your SoulBody of women’s primal energy called Shakti
  • Inspire your power within to flourish
  • Remember pleasure is your birthright
  • Feel supported to thrive; not just survive
  • To know you are celebrated, safe and empowered

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