Grief Support and Death Doula

This offering is fine-tuned for anyone who has recently experienced loss of any kind, including death, relationship endings or big life changes/events. Erin is trained in grief doula work as well as bringing her intuitive and lived tools, to process, empower and support your journey with this deep and meaningful process.

Grieving is a journey. Erin would love to support you on this path of releasing, healing and renewing.

Make a sacred investment in your grief journey through choosing to sit together three times a month for three months, releasing, exploring and healing (9 sessions with Erin in total). This is a $1555 investment, or scheduled individual sessions for $150 each.

These sessions are for:
Anybody who is going through a break up or release in a relationship
The individual needs emotional support with loss of any kind
Someone who requires a non-judgemental, compassionate person to connect with and share their grief journey

This Grief Support will offer you:

  • Compassionate, one-on-one support
  • A safe space to open up freely & release emotions
  • Therapeutic breath techniques to clear and let go
  • Healthy guidance to encourage releasing stuck emotions instead of numbing”You need to feel to heal”
  • Meditations and mindfulness practices
  • Tools to spark your inner joy and freedom
  • Guidance that ignites your inner strength
  • Empowerment to move forward & through this time with an open heart

Contact me for more information.

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