Yang Yoga (Active Empowerment Practice)

Join Erin for a one-on-one holistically guided and supported practice series. Commit to three months of once a week private sessions in the comfort of your own home or in nature. These are 1 hour sessions with Erin Keir, where you will be inspired by a customized yoga series, specifically designed for you!!

This offering is for the individual who desires to tap into their endless potential of energy through a more strength focused, powerful and detoxifying Asana and Pranayama experience to, “Let Shift Happen.” This one-on-one practice will help you leave your mat feeling lit-up, confident, toned, flexible, inspired and cleansed from the inside out.

For this empowered series, you may make monthly payments of $555 per month or pay in full for the three months for $1555.00

This is for women, men and teens that desire:

  • Physical asana practice
  • A focus on building energetic embodiment
  • Body toning
  • Weight loss or muscle building
  • Increased confidence in body alignment and ability
  • Space to heal inner fears & build confidence
  • The stoking of the inner fire of transformation
  • Empowerment through embodied movement

Yang Yoga will offer you:

  • Increased flexibility
  • Mental clarity
  • Ability to build your own daily practice
  • A tool to improve your life from the inside out
  • Increased cardio and heart health
  • Competency to gain momentum on your yoga journey
  • Space for self inquiry and expansion
  • Increased body and self awareness
  • 100% supported, customized and guided practice

Contact me for more information.

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