Intuitive Guidance, Reiki & Healing Series

These sessions with Erin are for the individual who craves increased clarity, guidance and support with clearing their emotional blocks and rising through them. These sessions will offer you assistance to create closure, release old patterns and upgrade limiting beliefs. Inner child awareness & healing can be offered upon request during your session as well.

If you are someone who seeks to live more in alignment with your authentic self, these comprehensive sessions will be a gift to your own transformation and soul.

Join Erin for these uplifting and supportive sessions and commit to support shifts in your energetic, spiritual and physical self. This integrative work is offered once a week for 3months (12 sessions with Erin total) ; or, book individual sessions as you see fit.

This is for women, men & teens that want:
– To get clear on their intentions
– Gain clarity on next steps on their journey
– Desires to invite in more relaxation, calm and balance
– Wants to connect deeper to presence and awareness
– Seeks guidance & non-judgemental support
– Help to release fears
– Support to clear blockages in your body & mind

This intuitive Guidance, Reiki and Healing series will offer you:
– Unwavering guidance
– Safe space with non-judgemental support
– Clarity to release mental, physical and emotional blockages
– The ability to feel more balanced and whole
– Space to tap into your internal wisdom
– The freedom to express with confidence
– Time to cultivate a state of peace and calm

Contact me for more information.

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