Work With Me

Erin Keir is a Badass Goddess with an undeniable passion for life. Guided by an open heart with commitment to growth, she truly strives to live life to the fullest. As a guide and energetic healer, Erin is here to support individual transformation and growth in one-on-one sessions and programs. Do not hesitate to reach out with questions or book a complimentary discovery call to speak further about working together.

Intuitive Guidance, Reiki & Healing Series

These sessions with Erin are for the individual who craves increased clarity, guidance and support with clearing their emotional blocks and rising through them. These sessions will offer you assistance to create closure, release old patterns and upgrade limiting beliefs. Inner child awareness & healing can be offered upon request during your session as well.

If you are someone who seeks to live more in alignment with your authentic self, these comprehensive sessions will be a gift to your own transformation and soul.

This is for women, men & teens that want:
– To get clear on their intentions
– Gain clarity on next steps on their journey
– Desires to invite in more relaxation, calm and balance
– Wants to connect deeper to presence and awareness
– Seeks guidance & non-judgemental support
– Help to release fears
– Support to clear blockages in your body & mind

This intuitive Guidance, Reiki and Healing series will offer you:
– Unwavering guidance
– Safe space with non-judgemental support
– Clarity to release mental, physical and emotional blockages
– The ability to feel more balanced and whole
– Space to tap into your internal wisdom
– The freedom to express with confidence
– Time to cultivate a state of peace and calm

Join Erin for these uplifting and supportive sessions and commit to support shifts in your energetic, spiritual and physical self. This integrative work is offered in once a week for 3months (12 sessions with Erin total) ; or, book individual sessions as you see fit.

Goddess Shakti Awakening

Goddess Shakti Awakening is Erin’s most transformative program, specifically designed for women to come back into their true power and embrace their lives fully. This is a 3 month, once a week transformational, one-on-one journey with Erin to reclaim and ignite your Feminine Shakti Power.

Join Erin for Goddess Shakti Awakening and open to a journey of expansion where you are expertly led to move through old limiting beliefs and barriers, explore and transform with yogic and energetic practices, be uplifted by intuitive guidance, elements of nature, compassionate space holding and transform further with powerful breath methods. Through this Shakti Awakening journey, you will increase your capacity to wake up to your potential feminine joy and live in your fullest state of bliss.

This is for women who are:

  • Putting others before themselves and their own needs
  • Are doing so much for everyone else and have no time for themselves
  • Experience low energy and are feeling drained/exhausted
  • Are stuck, overwhelmed or numb
  • Have low self esteem and confidence issues
  • Desire to let go of approval of others & be more authentic
  • Long for more intimacy and connection
  • Have forgotten what pleasure feels like
  • Are experiencing a low sex drive
  • Want to feel more joy
  • Crave support on their spiritual path
  • Yearn to connect more deeply with themselves & their feminine energy

Embarking on this journey will support you to:

  • Develop an accessible daily practice to awaken & reclaim your Divine Feminine Power
  • Allow you to feel a greater sense of worthiness, vulnerability, self trust, self love & courage
  • Provide you with a weekly commitment of support and loving guidance
  • Uplift you to breakthrough to a greater sense of freedom in self
  • Encourage you to rediscover and increase your capacity for deep joy
  • Release the past & old disserving patterns/beliefs
  • Get out of your head & into your SoulBody of women’s primal energy called Shakti
  • Inspire your power within to flourish
  • Remember pleasure is your birthright
  • Feel supported to thrive; not just survive
  • To know you are celebrated, safe and empowered

This transformational offering is uniquely designed and customized to your individual needs as a woman awakening in the world and desiring more out of her experience, including deep self love and joy! This three month Awakening is only $1555.00 when paid in full, or available for a monthly sacred investment of $555.00 per month x 3.

Grief Support and Death Doula

This offering is fine-tuned for anyone who has recently experienced loss of any kind, including death, relationship endings or big life changes/events. Erin is trained in grief doula work as well as bringing her intuitive and lived tools, to process, empower and support your journey with this deep and meaningful process.

Grieving is a journey. Erin would love to support you on this path of releasing, healing and renewing.

These sessions are for:
Anybody who is going through a break up or release in a relationship
The individual needs emotional support with loss of any kind
Someone who requires a non-judgemental, compassionate person to connect with and share their grief journey

This Grief Support will offer you:

  • Compassionate, one-on-one support
  • A safe space to open up freely & release emotions
  • Therapeutic breath techniques to clear and let go
  • Healthy guidance to encourage releasing stuck emotions instead of numbing”You need to feel to heal”
  • Meditations and mindfulness practices
  • Tools to spark your inner joy and freedom
  • Guidance that ignites your inner strength
  • Empowerment to move forward & through this time with an open heart

Make a sacred investment in your grief journey through choosing to sit together once a week for 3 months (12 sessions with Erin total). This is a $1555 investment, or scheduled individual sessions for $150 each.